President’s Update 2016

President’s Update 2016

2015 was a particularly busy year for the Cemetery volunteers. On behalf of the Board of Directors, thanks to all of those people who helped us by providing information and assistance for the projects in 2015, and/or by making a financial contribution. There is still much to do. The Board’s recommendations for 2016 will be presented to the shareholders at the annual meeting on April 27, 2016, at the Lorneville Community Center. All are welcome to attend.

As well as regular maintenance and upkeep, the focus in 2015 was on the following 4 main areas:

  1. Updating Burial list
    Shayne Galbraith and John Maguire took on this task with a view to listing all those buried in the cemeteries with names that are not on stones. This job involved researching burial records in newspapers and several other sources. This project resulted in the addition of approximately 400 new names to our burial list.
  1. Updating Cemetery lot plans
    Shayne Galbraith, Melvin Wilson, Judith McCavour and I took on this task. This project involved trying to determine where people are buried within the lots and to identify if there are empty plots within the lots. Families were notified of available plots and we established the names of those who plan to be buried in these empty plots. This is a major project which is about 90% completed.
  1. Web site
    It was decided at our 2015 annual meeting to develop a web site, and funds where set aside to cover the cost. This major project was taken on by Shayne, Judith and I to provide all the information for the web designers.
  1. Cemetery Road Work
    For several years, we have wanted to raise the level of 2 laneways that run through the Cemetery to the height of the adjoining Cemetery lots. Also we wish to do more leveling of the lots. This would greatly simplify the mowing and maintenance along the laneways. NB Power kindly made a donation which allowed us to complete one of the laneways. This project was directed by Cyril Galbraith.

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