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Annual financial support from Lot Owners and family members help provide for grass mowing, tree and flower bed maintenance. Tax deductible donations and funeral home memorials are dedicated to grounds maintenance.

1. On-Line: Credit Card & Pay Pal.
2. Mail: Cheque or Money Order (download, print, and mail our form).
3. Memorial Cards: Available at Funeral Homes for departed Loved Ones.
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Support Us

Capital improvement projects like tree purchase and planting, the irrigation system, and roadway upgrading are subject to targeted fund raising and corporate support.

NB Power Coleson Cove Generating Station has contributed annual financial support to the tree planting program and grounds improvement projects like roadway levelling, pictured opposite.

In-kind equipment and manpower support from corporate partners like Maguire Excavating, Paul and Bruce Martin Ltd., and Irving Equipment have been key to the overall capital upgrade program on the cemeteries.

Why We Need Your Support

Annual costs to maintain and preserve the cemetery grounds have averaged $18-$20,000 per year over the previous maintenance seasons (2011-2015). The annual maintenance and operations budget provides for fertilizing and seasonal mowing and grass trimming, annual garden flowers and planting, grass seed, levelling with topsoil and over seeding, straightening and repairs of (older) damaged memorial stones, and tree and shrub trimming, equipment fuel, oil and maintenance, and electrical power.

To do all this work, and keep the cemeteries in good shape requires wages, equipment, gas and oil, flowers, shrubs trees and supplies.

Approximately 50-60% of the funds needed for maintenance have been raised through annual charitable contributions from lot owners, and others who have family members and ancestors buried in the cemeteries. Donations are made in response to an annual mailing campaign, and by funeral memorials placed for departed loved ones. The balance of maintenance funding has been covered through summer student employment programs, sponsored by government.

The goal of Lorneville and Seaview Cemeteries is to have charitable donations account for 100% of annual grounds maintenance expenses. Availability of government grants are not certain year over year e.g. Lorneville and Seaview Cemeteries did not receive a NB SEED Program summer student placement in 2015 as it had in prior years.

We really need your financial help to properly maintain the cemeteries. Please take a look at the Photos section of the website to see numerous before and after photos.

Donate today, for tomorrow.

Lorneville & Seaview Cemeteries Inc. is a registered charity that continues its mission of maintaining Lorneville and Seaview Cemeteries. We welcome donations to our general fund or to specific projects or purposes that you may have in mind.



Cheque/Money Order

Download and print this form, then complete and mail it to:
Lorneville and Seaview Cemeteries Inc.
1475 Lorneville Road
Saint John N.B.
E2M 7H5



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Memorial Cards

Memorial Cards are available at funeral homes for your departed loved ones.

Ask your funeral director for more information.

Interac e-Transfer

Send money directly and securely right from your bank account with Interac e-Transfer. No cash, no cheques – it’s safe, easy and fast.

Send your Interac e-Transfer directly to our EMAIL address.

Perpetual Care Fund

Lorneville and Seaview Cemeteries has an established “Perpetual Care Fund” to help provide for ongoing maintenance costs, and monies received from all new grave lot sales are placed in this fund. However, investment returns provide only a small fraction of annual operating expenses, given the small size of the fund and minimal rates of return that are currently paid.

If you are interested in adding funds for “Perpetual Care” of the cemeteries in the long term please indicate below.

Let us know how we can help you determine a suitable endowment or a donation that suits your particular interests. We welcome your ideas for projects or events.

Volunteer With Us

Our Board of Directors at times needs dedicated and purposeful individuals to join our efforts in the guidance, planning and maintenance of the Lorneville and Seaview Cemeteries. In addition we also require volunteers and committee members that have interest in research, fundraising, event planning, volunteering for events, marketing, grounds projects, maintenance, etc. Contact us to get involved.

Our Partners & Supporters

Thanks for all your generous assistance!

NB Power logo
Coleson Cove Generating Station
Address: 4077 King William Rd, Lorneville, NB E2M 7T7
Phone: (506) 635-8225

Maguire Excavating Ltd.
Address: 315 King William Rd, Saint John, NB E2M 7C9
Phone: (506) 672-1616
Fax: (506) 672-1892

Land Acquisition, Department of Supply & Services
Summer Employment Student Grants

Permitting Addition of Trees for Cemetery on Annual Bulk Tree Purchases – Leisure Services

Address: 1209 Fairville Blvd, Saint John, NB E2M 5T9
Phone:(506) 635-8911


In-Kind Equipment Support
Irrigation System Annual Shutdown

Address: 45 Gifford Rd, Saint John, NB E2M 4X9
Phone: (506) 635-5606

In-Kind Equipment and Manpower Support
Gravestone Resetting Initial Project

Address: 1010 Fairville Blvd., Saint John, NB E2M 5T5
Phone:(506) 635-3000
Fax:(506) 635-3118

In-Kind Equipment and Manpower Support
Seaview Cemetery Levelling

Address: 36 Pocologan Rd., Pocologan, NB E5J 1E6
Phone: (506) 755-2505 Fax: (506) 755-2353

In-Kind Material and Manpower Support
Stamped Concrete Flooring, Visitors Center

Address: 331 King William Road
Saint John, N.B. E2M 7C9
Phone: (506) 650-1165

In-Kind Equipment and Manpower Support
Topsoil Screening

Address: 306 King William Road
Saint John, N.B. E2M 5Y5
Phone: (506) 672-1600
Fax: (506) 672-1601


Seaview 5a

In-Kind Equipment and Manpower Support
Hydroseeding Levelled Sections of Grounds

Lorneville and Seaview Cemeteries Inc. is a non profit charity incorporated on August 18, 1982 under the provisions of the N.B. Companies Act (Chapter C-13 of the Revised Statutes, 1973) to operate and maintain two existing community cemeteries at Lorneville, N.B.

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