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Maireann lá go ruaig ach maireann an grá go huaigh.

“A day lasts until it’s chased away but love lasts until the grave.”

About the Burial Records

Lorneville & Seaview Cemeteries Burial Records

Like many other older community cemeteries, records of burials in Lorneville and Seaview Cemeteries have not been kept accurately over time. However, some old maps of family lots and lists of lot owners were created for Lorneville Cemetery when Thomas Henry Galbraith started selling lots there (c. 1911) after the original Lorneville Burial Grounds were filled. In addition, some notes were kept on yearly maintenance costs and projects (e.g. wooden fences) and on the funds raised from the lot owners and families for maintenance of the grounds.

Copies of the early Lorneville grave yard map, owner lists, and maintenance notes have survived, but the only real information on burials made at Lorneville and Seaview Cemeteries was that recorded on the tombstones themselves. Unfortunately, a number of the monuments that once existed, even up to 40 years ago, are no longer there – deteriorated to the point that information was no longer legible and maintenance/repair not feasible. Some tombstones have been lost or discarded, and the information on them has been lost.

A major focus associated with the refurbishment of the Burial Grounds at Lorneville and Seaview Cemeteries has been repair and restoration of the stone monuments and documentation of burial information. The burial information presented on this website is primarily taken from the stone memorials, but also includes additional information from public records (e.g. Saint John Burial Permits; Certificates of Registration of Death; New Brunswick Archives and Saint John Library), church records, newspaper accounts, private scrapbooks and the like. There are also some known deaths included with a “where else?” notation when it is highly probable the burial took place in one of Lorneville or Seaview Cemeteries, but there is no official document, church record, or newspaper report to support it.

Building The Records

In 1996 Suzanne (Carter) Lisson undertook to transcribe the information on the stone memorials of Lorneville Cemetery and Seaview Cemetery. Susan completed this project for several cemeteries in the Saint John area and we owe her a big thank you. This list was updated by Philip McCavour and Stu Robinson. At this time all the information on the stones was added, including scripture verses, quotes, etc. plus the information from each footstone. Stu Robinson was heavily involved in researching and recording the genealogy information for each burial. This was a sizeable project, and it took Stu about two years to finish. Thank you Stu.

Suzanne Lisson’s original transcription of Lorneville and Seaview Cemeteries is available here: www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~nbstjohn/lorneville_cemetery.htm.

At about the same time as Suzanne was pursuing this project, a native of Lorneville, Stephen A. McCavour, was also engaged in the task of transcribing burial information from stone monuments. He entered the information into a spreadsheet format as part of his wider genealogical research into the community of Lorneville.

Philip McCavour and his son Brian, prepared a lot map of Lorneville Cemetery in 2002, based on field measurements, the location of stone monuments, and Thomas Henry Galbraith’s early lot maps and lists of lot owners. Philip McCavour also prepared a lot map for Seaview Cemetery, with input from long time Lorneville resident Reeve Dean.

The Burial Lists and lot maps on this website are based on the stone monument and genealogical information compiled by Suzanne Lisson, Stephen McCavour, Philip McCavour and Stu Robinson, cross referenced to lot owners maps developed by Philip and Brian McCavour. This “stone monument” information is displayed in the burial lists and on the “burial lot” map information (i.e. burials in each family lot and individual grave plot where known).

At this point there was a burial list of about 600 persons for Lorneville and Seaview Cemeteries, but it included only those names on stones. John Maguire and Shayne Galbraith then took the task of trying to identify all those buried in both cemeteries that are not identified with stone memorials. This was a large project as well, and involved researching archives records, church records, old newspaper death notices, death certificates plus various other sources. This research has resulted in approximately 400 names being added to the burial lists and lot maps.

The additional burial information obtained from these sources has been assigned to the “most likely” family lots on the cemetery maps and was originally highlighted in red text on both these family lots and in the “burial lists”. The red text has been changed back to black text in the online records for consistency purposes. It should be noted that these burials are somewhere in the cemeteries but may not necessarily be in the lot location to which they have been assigned. There are in the order of 1,000 burials in Lorneville and Seaview Cemeteries – 600 taken from stone monuments, and a further 400 from the other sources of information noted.

There are around 35 other probable burials in the two Cemeteries, for which there is no indication where they might be – these are listed separately in the hope someone visiting this site may be able to identify their final resting places.

Even burials ‘written in stone’ can sometimes be misleading – there are a couple of instances in Lorneville Cemetery where a person named on a stone memorial is actually buried elsewhere. These cases are duly noted.

Those With Unknown Burial Locations
  1. Henry Davidson                               b. 1805 Ireland; d Aug 21, 1895 @ Pisarinco; funeral from home of Hughe McCavour
  2. Lot DeWolfe Sr.                                b. ? ; d c 1870 h/o Jane Ferguson
  3. Jane DeWolfe (Ferguson)              b. ? ; d c 1870; d/o Sam Ferguson Sr. & Nancy Knox; w/o Lot DeWolfe or Wolfe
  4. John DeWolfe                                   b. May 7, 1865 d ? s/o Lot & Jane DeWolfe
  5. Bertha L Devine (Galbraith)          b. Apr 10, 1890; d Feb 25, 1938 b @ Lorneville; d/o Jack & Tish (Nesbit)Galbraith
  6. Louis Devine                                     b. June 21, 1874 Eng. d Apr 10, 1929 b @ Lorneville; h/o Bertha Devine
  7. Andrew Downey                               b. 1854; d 1883; s/o James & Margaret (Morrow) Downey
  8. James Downey                                  b. 1811 Dublin, Ireland; d 1881 h/o Margaret Morrow
  9. Margaret Downey  (Morrow)         b. 1819 Ireland; d 1875; w/o James Downey
  10. Winfred Evans                                  b. Nov 26, 1916; d Jan 24, 1917 s/o Wes & Nell (Galbraith) Evans
  11. Reita May Ferguson                         b.  ? d Sept 14, 1918
  12. Agnes Gayton (Ferguson)               b.  1862; d Mar 1, 1884 @ Pisarinco d/o Jas & Sarah (Baird) Ferguson; w/o Isaac
  13. Ann Knox                                           b. Aug 10, 1839; d Sept., 1858; d/o Wm & Jane Eliza (McLaren) Knox
  14. Ellen Knox                                         b. 1841; d Aug 18, 1858; d/o Wm & Jane Eliza (McLaren) Knox
  15. Jane Knox                                          b. 1852; d June, 1870; d/o Wm & Jane Eliza (McLaren) Knox
  16. Robert Knox                                      b. 1846; d May 1, 1854; s/o Wm & Jane Eliza (McLaren) Knox
  17. William Jr Knox                               b. 1849; d July, 1870; s/o Wm & Jane Eliza (McLaren) Knox
  18. William Sr. Knox                              b. June 1810; d Oct 1870; s/o James & Ellen (Irving) Knox; h/o Jane McLaren
  19. J. Eliza Knox (McLaren)                 b. 1814 ; d ? d/o Robert & Elizabeth McLaren
  20. Charles E. McCavour                       b. 1855; June 8, 1886 s/o Samuel and Marg (Doherty) McCavour; h/o Eliza Gibbs
  21. Gussie Snow McCavour                  b. Jan 1888; d Sept 27, 1889; d/o John & Sarah Jane (Sullivan) McCavour
  22. Francis McCoach                              b. ? ; d June 9, 1887; h/o Margaret (McMaster) MacIntosh
  23. Mary Mooney                                    b. c 1811; d Sept 25, 1885; w/o John Mooney; m/o Jno Jr. &Susan Jones Christopher
  24. Nellie Reid                                         b. Nov 22, 1903 ; d Aug 4, 1923; d/o Samuel & Florence (Downey) Reid
  25. Michael Splane                                 b. ?; d? lived @ Irishtown; related to Robert Splane Jr. & Mary McKee
  26. Mary Splane                                      b. ?; d? lived @ Irishtown; related to Robert Splane Jr. & Mary McKee
  27. Robert Sr. Splane                             b. ?; d? lived @ Irishtown; related to Robert Splane Jr. & Mary McKee
  28. Elizabeth Splane                               b. ?; d? lived @ Irishtown; related to Robert Splane Jr. & Mary McKee
  29. Willie Steeves                                    b. ? ; d ? s/o William & Elizabeth (Splane) Steeves; h/o Sarah Galbraith
  30. Thomas Wilson (Long Tom)          b. Aug 18, 1847; d Feb 22, 1923 s/o Wm & Maria (Craig) Wilson; h/o Ellen
  31. Ellen Wilson (Galbraith)                b. Feb 28, 1850; d June 17, 1946; d/o Henry Ridge Galbraith & Ellen; w/o Tom
  32. Thomas Alward Wilson                  b. May 4, 1887; d July 16, 1909; s/o Thomas & Ellen (Galbraith) Wilson
  33. Ellen “Nellie” Wilson                      b. Aug 17, 1889; d May 31, 1910; d/o Thomas & Ellen (Galbraith) Wilson
  34. John Herbert Wilson                      b. May 2, 1893; d Sept 10, 1906; s/o Thomas & Ellen (Galbraith) Wilson
  35. Byard M.M. Wilson                         b. July 13, 1891; d 1913 fishing; s/o Thomas & Ellen (Galbraith) Wilson
  36. Gordon Theodore Wilson              b. May 8, 1925; d May 10, 1925; s/o Theodore Wilson & Lucy Cairns
  37. Margaret Wilson                              b. Oct. 6, 1927; d Oct.6 1927;  d/o Theodore Wilson & Lucy Cairns
  38. John Wolfe                                        b. c 1793; d March 4, 1876; f/o William Wolfe (Avis Tiner) & maybe Lot DeWolfe?

Thank you all for your dedication and hard work!

Lorneville and Seaview Cemeteries Inc. is a non profit charity incorporated on August 18, 1982 under the provisions of the N.B. Companies Act (Chapter C-13 of the Revised Statutes, 1973) to operate and maintain two existing community cemeteries at Lorneville, N.B.

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