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Lorneville and Seaview Cemeteries Inc.

Lorneville and Seaview Cemeteries Inc. is a non profit charity incorporated on August 18, 1982 to operate and maintain the two community cemeteries in Lorneville, N.B. The Company was formed with a governing set of By-laws, shares were issued, and officers appointed to oversee the operations of the Company. The first community shareholders and officers of the Company were Vincent Galbraith, President, Edmund Wilson, Vice President, Irene Christie, Secretary, and Lawrence Lister, Treasurer. Today the Company is directed by a Board of Directors, elected annually at a general meeting of shareholders.

The Company replaced an ad hoc committee of residents of Lorneville (The Cemetery Committee) who had dedicated time and effort for many years to the maintenance and care of the two cemeteries in the community. The act of incorporation enabled the Company to do two things that the Committee was unable to do. First it allowed for the purchase of real property, next to Lorneville Cemetery, to provide needed additional space for future burials. Secondly, as a non profit charity, tax deductible receipts could be issued for funds donated for maintenance work.

Maintenance, operations, and special projects are managed and administered by the Board of Directors.Part-time staff is hired to perform summer mowing and grounds maintenance.

Funds for maintenance expenses are raised annually through tax deductible donations made by grave lot owners and family members of the deceased, and through funeral memorials and bequests. Funds for maintenance have been supplemented by grants from N.B Power (Coleson Cove Generating Station) and student employment programs and in-kind corporate support.

The Board of Directors has recently completed a multi-year capital restoration and improvement program of the cemetery grounds of both Seaview and Lorneville Cemeteries. This program saw a comprehensive upgrade of every aspect of the burial grounds – the removal of overgrowth trees and bushes , the addition of access roadways; the levelling and restoration of grave lots; the installation of new gardens and the planting of over 120 trees. There was also the rehabilitation of existing access lanes; the resetting and alignment of stone monuments; the acquisition of maintenance equipment; the construction of a maintenance building and Visitor Center; and the installation of a an irrigation system.

Special projects and capital improvements such as those noted above are supported by targeted fund raising efforts, corporate sponsorships, and community partners.

The Lorneville and Seaview Cemeteries continues to serve the Community of Lorneville by active Burial Grounds, with a number of interments occurring annually and a limited number of burial plot sales. Effective maintenance of these improved grounds and assets has been a priority and will remain a focus of attention into the future.

Board of Directors

Burials and the placement of stone monuments are administered through the Board of Directors, in contact with Funeral Home staff and with family members.

Shayne Galbraith

Shayne Galbraith

President & Director Genealogical/Burial Information


Philip McCavour

Philip McCavour

Director, Special Projects and Fundraising


Cyril Galbraith

Cyril Galbraith

Vice President and Grounds Maintenance Manager


Melvin Wilson

Melvin Wilson

Director, Burials, Lot Locations & Layout


Faye Galbraith

Faye Galbraith



John Maguire

John Maguire

Director, Monuments, Burials & Remembrance Flags


Not on the Board but of Great Assistance:

Financial Advisor: Daryl Wilson
Administrative Support: Judith McCavour


Our Mission is to “manage, operate, maintain, and preserve Lorneville and Seaview Cemetery Burial Grounds with an excellent level of care, on behalf of the Burial Lot owners and their Families and the Community of Lorneville”.

Visitor Center

Serving both the Lorneville Cemetery and the Seaview Cemetery

The Visitor Center for Lorneville and Seaview Cemeteries was constructed in 2012 along with a much needed maintenance building. The Visitor Center was designed and built in the popular style of the early Lorneville homes and contains many relevant early Lorneville antiques, including a re-purposed original window from the former Methodist Church. It is intended to give visitors to Lorneville and Seaview Cemeteries information on the cemeteries, lot locations, and interments. It also provides a glimpse into the past of the communities of Pisarinco (Lorneville) and Irishtown (Seaview).

Vintage photographs of Lorneville are displayed on the walls and there is a guest book for comments and feedback – please sign when you visit the Visitor Center!

Information available at Visitor Center:

A list of all those who are known to be buried in the Lorneville & Seaview Cemeteries with their lot numbers and locations.
Maps of both Lorneville Cemetery and Seaview Cemetery showing the location of each Lot.
Remembrance list of names of those Lorneville residents who served in the 1st and 2nd World Wars.
A list of Irish immigrants buried in both cemeteries, as well as information on others – e.g. earliest burials, the earliest birth date of persons interred, oldest persons buried, etc.

The Visitor Center is located at the Lorneville Cemetery, 2690 Lorneville Road, Saint John NB

The Visitor Center is open Mon–Fri in June, July and August (9:00 am – 4:30 pm).

At other times, it may be opened on request by contacting a member of the Board of Directors. The Visitor Center is also open during burials.

Lorneville and Seaview Cemeteries Inc. is a non profit charity incorporated on August 18, 1982 under the provisions of the N.B. Companies Act (Chapter C-13 of the Revised Statutes, 1973) to operate and maintain two existing community cemeteries at Lorneville, N.B.

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