President’s Message

President’s Message

Website Launch

I want to welcome you to this website and explain a bit about how I became involved with the preservation and rehabilitation of Lorneville and Seaview Cemeteries.

I was brought up on “the Ridge ” in Lorneville about a 3 minute walk from the Seaview School. I am a 5th generation Irish Immigrant and the youngest child of Cecil and Elsie (Green) McCavour. My father was a Lorneville historian. We didn’t own a car so we did a lot of walking together. Each walk was a history lesson about the families of Lorneville: where they lived, where they came from, etc. Our walks would often include a stroll through the cemeteries where my father would tell me stories about people he had known that were now buried there. So from a very young age I got the history bug. After graduating from Vocational School, I moved to Montréal where I met my wife, Judith, and where we raised our 3 sons. I was a self-employed businessman for the next 38 years. Although very busy at this time in my life, I still kept in close contact with my family and friends in Lorneville and would visit often. My hobby was collecting photos of the old homes and buildings of Lorneville and I would spend time each year collecting these old photos.

In the year 2000, I was approached by the Cemetery Board about taking on the responsibilities of the Cemetery. As I was still living in Montréal at the time, I had concerns about doing a proper job from 500 miles away. I sat down and wrote out a list of major projects that would make the Cemetery into one of the finest in the Maritimes. From my business experience, I also knew this would be impossible without the proper people to help. I needed several reliable, hard-working people with the skills to get the work done. They had to be skillful in dealing with the public and most importantly have a good sense of humor. I made a list of names and met with each one. I could not have been more pleased with those that agreed to come on board. This gave me the confidence to accept the Board’s request and at the April 23rd 2001 Annual Meeting, I was elected President.

My first request was to ask all of the current Board members to resign for the following reason. They were all seniors who had served a long time and had done a super job with what little funding they were given. To implement the large projects that I had in mind would require a younger generation. They all agreed and a new Board was elected. Most of those previous Board members still attend our annual meeting and we greatly value their support.


I would now like to report on the Board of Directors who helped undertake the work highlighted on this website.

I view my job as a member of a very good group of great volunteers. I worked on planning special projects plus helping out wherever needed. I report to the shareholders at our annual meeting and am heavily involved in fundraising.

Cyril is a fifth generation Irish immigrant and the eldest child of Hazen and Florence Galbraith. Cyril has looked after all of the day to day maintenance and upkeep of the cemeteries including keeping the equipment in good working order. Cyril has also managed special projects such as installation of flower beds, tree planting, and the maintenance of the trees etc.

Faye is a fifth generation Irish immigrant and the youngest child of Hazen and Florence Galbraith. Faye records the Minutes at our annual shareholders meetings. She is responsible for issuing the deeds for new lot owners as well as looking after Accounts Payable.

John is a fifth generation Irish immigrant and is the second of three children of Clarence and Helen (Baird) Maguire. John has managed the maintenance of stone monuments and gravestones including leveling, repairing, and setting locations of new stones, etc. He has also provided information on Lorneville Veterans and marking gravesites for Remembrance Day, and in updating burial records for the two cemeteries.

Sam is a sixth generation Irish immigrant and is the eldest child of Samuel and Patricia (Weaver) Maguire. Sam was involved from the first day, donating his time and equipment from his company, Maguire Excavating for major projects. He is still our go-to guy for help and advice on projects each year.

Melvin is a fifth generation Irish immigrant and the eldest son of Alward and Mildred (McCavour) Wilson. Melvin has been in charge of all burials. This involves checking the lot and marking the location of the grave, etc. Melvin also looks after the laying out and marking of new lots for sale, and was heavily involved in establishing and planting new flower beds.

Winston is a fifth generation Irish immigrant and the elder son of Maurice and Evelyn (Galbraith) Wilson. Winston has served as a backup for Melvin Wilson.

Shayne is a fifth generation Irish immigrant and the oldest child of Norman and Elsie (Maguire) Galbraith. Shayne joined the Board of Directors after most of the physical improvements in the Burial Grounds were complete but has done a lot of research and developed a lot of information pertaining to historical records, the burial list, mailing lists, plus has helped with several other projects including this website.



Daryl is a fifth generation Irish immigrant and the younger son of Maurice and Evelyn Wilson. Daryl has been a tremendous help with the accounting, the Annual Reports, and in making sure the financial & corporate affairs of the Company are being run accurately & in line with government regulations.

Judith is a third generation Scottish immigrant and the youngest child of Jack and Mabel Pitblado from St. Catharines, Ontario as well as being my wife and the mother of our 3 boys. She was my secretary and office manager during my many years in business in Montréal. Judith has supported me 100% throughout this project and has contributed countless hours of work with the mailing list, records keeping, correspondence, typing reports, financial reports, just to mention a few things.


In closing, I would encourage you to check out the website. It is for your enjoyment and information.

We have highlighted the work and many projects undertaken to bring Lorneville and Seaview Cemeteries to a fitting memorial of the community members buried there, and have hopefully provided some information that you will find interesting.

Please contact us to update or correct anything on this site, we value your input, questions and suggestions.

Philip McCavour,
Lorneville & Seaview Cemeteries Inc.

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  • Wayne and Judy Posted April 8, 2017 10:32 am

    This is a great website! Lots of information and easy to get around! A job well done!

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